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Applying Actions is like an artist working with paint, each layer builds on the next to create beautiful results.


- Launching soon, register for interest today -

Introducing the NEW Beyond the Lens Actions for 2023/24 

Botanicals is a new 
Photoshop Action Collection

Create beautifully enhanced, creative images with this new collection created from over 10 years of programming and editing experience. Designed specifically for your floral editing needs.

Bringing you even more beautiful processing results for the future.

Photoshop Actions take your images beyond what the camera alone can create, Botanicals will enhance colour, light, clarity, and play with softer tonality.

This new collection is 
divided into Foundation Actions, Rescue Actions, Creative Actions, Lightfills and essential finishing Actions, all designed with professional creativity at their core. 

Create your own kind of beautiful with the NEW Beyond the Lens, Botanticals Action Collection.

Join the waitlist today

I first launched my signature 'Beyond the Lens' Action collection in 2013. I retired all my collections in January 2023 whilst I worked on a brand new collection. Not sure what this would look like, I'm now delighted to share finished results.  


The Botanicals Collection hosts 50 Actions in total, with 32 NEW Creative & Light Fill Action.  Offering new results for your floral photography processing projects. 

Join the wait list to receive an exclusive launch price offer you won't want to miss out on. Simple complete your details below.

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Create art, not just photos!
Create what the camera alone cannot achieve. Elevate your work to the next level and create stunning art pieces.

Processing with Photoshop Actions can take your work from the ordinary to the the extra ordinary, from a photograph to a piece of art that's worthy of hanging on the wall.

If you want to step into your creative power then this collection is
 for you. Introducing new actions that 'build' to create soft, dreamy results with a touch of nostalgic colourings and haze. Timeless and elegant the new Botanical s collection will take your floral projects Beyond the Camera.   


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