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Breathtakingly beautiful,

creativity taken to its fullest everytime with Beyond the Lens 






“I was introduced to Sarah Gardner's beautifully crafted images a couple years back and was taken aback by the beauty she captures in not only her florals but her child portrait work as well.  I was quickly introduced to Sarah's beautifully designed textures and began using them regularly in my images.  After the launch of her book, Art Beyond the Lens, it inspired me to take a new approach to editing my photographs.


As I began perfecting Sarah's editing technique, I was eagerly awaiting for the launch of her new action set Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions. The set would not only combine the steps she teaches in her book but it also provides a creative set of gorgeous tones that she uses to enhance her images.   Once I started using the Beyond The Lens Photoshop Action Set, I realized that my image preparation steps were down to a "one click" edit with her new ProTEC II Portrait Workflow Action and I was quickly able to create simple formulas from the creative set to add image enhancements for my outdoor locations, my commercial work and my on location indoor shoots.  Previously, I had not found a set to work in all situations that allowed me the creative freedom to achieve completely different looks for the range of work that I do.


I have incorporated these Actions when I teach my editing, online and in person workshops and have found that my students using this set have shown incredible growth in their editing techniques and style.  The way the set is currently designed, it walks you through an editing process that is clean, sharp and allows your images to develop,  from being a simple photograph to a piece of art, without over enhancing or over editing the image.    I recommend these Actions to all my workshop attendees especially those that are new to Photoshop and are uncomfortable with manual editing.   The set is packed with Workflow Actions, Creative Actions and extra enhancements such as Rescue and Finishing Actions tools, plus Workflow Actions for working with textures as well as Light Fill flares.  It really has everything you need packed in one Action Set.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​








Christina is an award winning photographer whose winning entry, see right, won the Societies Portrait Studio Photographer of the Year 2013. Christina's skilled use of Sarah Gardner's Textures clearly illustrates the products professional quality.  READ MORE HERE


“Several years ago I stumbled across the process of adding textures to photographs which quickly became something I knew I needed to incorporate into my portrait work.  I found a few people offering their textures as part of action packs or standalone products and this started me off well.  But I hadn’t quite found what I was looking for.  And then I came across Sarah’s Facebook page and her book which seemed to be very much the direction I wanted to take my portraits. 


Initially I purchased a very small and low cost texture pack which she was offering for a donation to a charity which I quickly followed with the purchase of her book.  From there I was sold.  Her techniques are simple, yet so effective and her textures are exactly what I’ve been looking for.  I have since gone on to purchase more and rarely do I look elsewhere for other textures.  I’ve been told that my portraiture has a unique and distinctive style to it and this is something I’ve developed with the use of Sarah’s textures and techniques.  I love the work I create now and I’ve since gone on to win awards with my portraits.  This is something that has enabled me to set myself apart from my competition and it’s a reason my clients choose me".








"Sarah, you have a massive fan in me.  I absolutely adore your style and an so grateful you put together your book to share your knowledge and experience.  I genuinely mean it when I say your book, along with your textures (I have 3 or 4 so far), have taken me to another level.  I'm nowhere near your standard but they have given me the confidence to start charging for my photography instead of just doing it for the love of it, which is how I'm sure we have all started. Thank you so much again". SEE MORE OF STEVE'S WORK HERE




“Sarah's Actions have really helped me achieve the look I was wanting for my final images that I envisioned in my head. For a very long time, I tried other Actions, never feeling like I was truly getting what I was after. As soon as I started using these Actions, I knew these were the ones I wanted to use exclusively. I love how soft they are, never leaving me feeling like I have over used Actions and they’ve taken away from my original image. Instead, they make them look finished, artistic and beautiful. Thank you Sarah for making these!"




“I just love Sarah’s Actions, I used a couple other Actions before but never archived the look I really wanted. Somehow Sarah's Actions are just a beautiful add-on to my hand edits and make my editing-life so much easier. They just add the little something to the images, that turns a boring image into a "wow" image!”




“Sarah Gardner's Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions are simply divine. They are a joy to work with and the results are soft, classic and pure. They are essential tools within my editing workflow and my favourite combination is the velvet hue of Retroplay and the cool crisp tone of Chinawhite.”




“I LOVE these Actions, they have totally transformed my editing process and have cut down on my editing time drastically.  I love that I can use one Action set to achieve so many different looks, from clean and simple to very artistic. My favorite recipe is ProTEC II (Portraits), La Rosa and Someday.  I love how it makes my photos POP!”




“When Jen told me about Sarah Gardner’s Actions, I immediately purchased them.  Since that time, they have been the ones I use the most.  I have read Sarah’s book and I continue to be amazed by her techniques. I LOVE the way she sharpens the images. These Actions are much more "clean" than the others I have used.  As far as the textures go, I cannot say that I have a favorite. I have them all.  I have played with each and every one of them and I'm very fond of Soft Render, Landscape, Renaissance IV.  It never seizes to amaze me how a small subtle texture can "make" an image.”




“For me, when I know I’ve captured a really good image in camera, I can’t wait to load it into the computer to start processing. That is where I can truly express my artistic vision.  Sarah’s actions help to spark my creativity with all the possible combinations and looks that can be achieved.  I can create a bright, clean edit or have a dreamy, hazy look depending on what the image calls for.  One of my favorite combinations is Pre-Process I, followed by Someday, Chinawhite, Light Fill Rosedelight, and Soft Blur.  A recipe I like to use on images of animals is Pre-Process I, Barkley Rd, Chinawhite, Melody, a Light Fill chosen based on the mood, and finished with some Soft Blur.  I am having so much fun exploring and playing with all the options!  Thank you Sarah!”




“Through my experience I can proudly say that using Sarah Gardner's Actions is like using the utmost finest artist brushes and acrylics to paint a masterpiece portrait. I find myself using them every time I edit my portrait work. The Actions Sarah has created are like no other that I have ever used. I find them to be subtle and delicate. My personal favorites I enjoy using over and over again are China White, Barkley Road, Melody, Rosedelight, and Blossom. There is no doubt that Sarah's actions help enhance my portraits to look like a quality piece of artwork that I can be proud of.”




“Sarah Gardner's Beyond the Lens Action Set is the most comprehensive and inclusive action set I have used. It goes above and beyond by creating ProTec layers that intuitively adjust only what is needed to achieve flawless one step editing. Since I began working with the Beyond the Lens Action Set I have been able to enhance my workflow, batch entire sessions and process consistently beautiful images. My go to actions in this set would be Pre-Process I  and Workflow / ProTEC II (PORTRAITS). The combination of these two actions sets me up with beautiful skin tones and produces images with sharpness and softness in all of the right places. I also love the Rescue Actions with Add Soft Light and Add Intensity being two of my favorites. The Creative Actions also allow me the flexibility to create dreamy and airy images. I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking to enhance their workflow with a set that can complement any style.”

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