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Now you can purchase Patreon content outside of the membership.

NEW Creative Packs include a combination of content and resources posted inside my Patreon membership. These packs are ideal for those who don't want to sign up to a monthly membership, but still want to learn and explore the creative content, workbooks and resource files. 

Creative Pack One

Explore the concept of Slow Living. Understand the principals of Slow Photography and discover how tonal colour and image tinting can underpin emotive visual language.

Creative Pack one also includes, 8 Shabby Textures, and 5 NEW Nebula Overlays. Plus, PDF supporting workbooks.



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A reminder of what's included:

~ 18 pg Content PDF Booklet

~ 8 x Texture files 5190 x 3550px @ 300dpi
~ 12 pg PDF Shabby Workbook

~ 5 Overlay files 3571 x 5000px @ 300dpi
~ 12 pg PDF Nebula Workbook 


Workbook Graphic01.jpg
Workbook Graphic02.jpg

Creative Pack One includes five downloads:
Content PDF @88MB
Shabby PDF @49MB
Shabby Texture Folder @59MB
Nebula PDF @42MB
Nebula Overlay Folder @21MB

Full terms and conditions of sale are applicable.

erms of use: Information, written content and files are for creative use only. Not for resale, distribution, copying or republication. All written content is provided as a personal account of experience, personal style and opinion only.  All rights reserved. Copyright 2024.

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