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Updated: Jul 1

My home educating is coming to a close.

By the end of the summer my youngest will be enrolling at our local college and my role as a home educator will officially come to a close. It's been an emotion end to what as been an eye opening experience, with jaw dropping moments, silent-screaming frustration and utter brilliance. If I had to do it all again, I would — the only difference being that I’d have done it sooner! I would have jumped, before being pushed, I’d have flown, instead of fallen and I would have laughed harder and worried less (a lot less).

So what has this extraordinary journey taught me (because it certainly wasn't just my kids that learnt a thing or two)?

Home educating two teenagers wasn't something I'd ever planned to do. It was one of life's curveballs that nearly took my head off.

Let me take you back five years to September 2017 when I came face to face with one of the most difficult decision of my life! I had to decide between continuing to build my e-commerce business or rebuild my children's mental wellbeing! It felt like an impossible choice but at the core there was no choice to make! It was something I had to do, I had to step down, in order to step up..... and so I did.

It was one of the scariest decisions I've ever made. I panicked every night after I de-registered them and fought in the daytime to keep my internal struggles from them. I had no idea what I was doing! I was alone and to begin with I felt like I was failing them.

After a couple of attempts, I finally found a small community of like-minded parents who shared my values and openly helped and support one another. They shared advise on the best resources, tutors, strategies, de-schooling tactics, exams support and social inclusion. This community became my life-line.

How the power of community got me thinking.

Before Home Educating I'd never been part of such a supportive community and it got me thinking. Together we were stronger, together our struggles seemed lifted and our triumphs celebrated. We talked over tea and cake as we relaxed in safe company. Everyone of us was on the same journey yet our experiences were different; we were different. Yet we all wanted the same thing! We wanted to share and we wanted to be heard. We wanted to be supported as well as be supportive.

So what else will I be taking away from my Home Educating experience?

After years of battling a system that refused to put the mental welfare of my children first, I started to question if there was another way?

Could I take a different approach?


I knew taking a different route was going to be hard, and it was — but I did it anyway!

I learnt that different didn't come from defeated or broken or unable to do something others had. Different was a choice! It came from my ability to creatively think for myself and devising a solution that worked for us as a family. My children saw this work first hand, they too now know that there is aways a different way to achieve something. I absolutely love that more than anything, that they too understand the power that comes from being about to approach any situation from a differing perspectives.

Opting to be a home educator with no training, no teaching experience, no plan, no way forward other than a true belief that I was serving my children was, retrospectively an amazing opportunity. To be able to offer them healing, over daily conflict and to provide an environment that nurtured individuality and harnessed self-lead learning, was at its core, the most creative thing I’ve ever done.

I took back my power when I stepped into action. It WAS scary as hell and I questioned my decision relentlessly! For those first few months I felt like a fraud, I felt selfish and unprepared— until one day I simply stopped feeling that way. I had crossed an invisible threshold between what was, at first impossible, to what was — possible.

I did that! So now anything's possible —right?

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because you might have been through something similar, or you might be going through it now! Perhaps you’ve taken that leap of faith without a plan, without a way through, without having it all figured out. Perhaps you’ve made a start on a project, a life changing choice, a new business idea, perhaps you want to transform through action too.

I’m here to say it’s all good stuff, even when it feels like hell on a hot summers day! I’m here to say it’s not easy and that it’s life’s messy way! I’m here to say it’s complicated, but totally possible.

I’m here say, make a start, take that step, do that thing you’ve want to do but fear, I’m here to cheer you on.

From September I'll be jumping back into the driving seat of my business, this business. So I'm thinking that perhaps there is an opportunity to come back stronger, to build a tighter community around my passion for flowers. Perhaps you’d be interested in how I built my business or the strategies use. Perhaps you’d like to elevate your photography skills so you too could licence your work or perhaps it’s my design process that you’d like to know more about and how I draw inspiration from my own photography.

If I can help you get to where you want to go faster and with more efficiency then I'll have paid-it-forward from one community to another.

Now doesn't that sound like a lovely idea?

So to get going I'm going to start posting a series of articles here on this blog over the next few months so come September I'll have a foundation for something rather special to share with you all.

But I'm going to ask a favour of you too. Share what you know, share with a friend, a stranger, someone who really needs to hear it — share it! Pay-it-forward, seriously it's the best feeling in the world when you can help someone.

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