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Free Portfolio building guide

Updated: Mar 1

Create a portfolio you’ll want to share with the world.

Do you not know where to start or how to get the best out of your work? Then let me help you create your best portfolio ever. Everything you need is in my free Portfolio Guide.

I love creating portfolio pages. Spending time tinkering away and bringing together the right images to form small collections and pretty page layouts. After creating work over a ten-year span, I have a substantial number of images to work with. I can create seasonal collections, colour and themed based collections or collections inspired by an aesthetic. But I didn’t always know how to do this! I didn’t know how to create cohesive portfolio pages! I didn’t understand how to create smaller collections that sat within the body of my work.

If you were to go back to my first website I had all my work jumbled up in one gallery. The only flow was chronological. I would add to the gallery every time I produced a new piece of work. That was it!

Even when you first start out you can create a mini collection straight away with just 4 or 6 images. However, as you begin to create more work it’s a good idea to know how to best create stand alone and inclusive collections. You can include work, side-by-side work that may have been shot months or even years apart.

There are two main reasons to create a beautifully stylised portfolio. Firstly, it looks incredibly professional and secondly, it makes you feel confident about sharing your work, it makes you feel better about what you’re presenting to the world.

Have you ever walked into a clothing boutique and seen how they merchandise a collection of clothes together? Smaller collections are designed to instantly catch your eye. They’re based on functionality first, for example, evening wear or weekend lounge wear. Then within that, they’ll be grouped by colour, to include different textures and garment options. The aim isn’t for you to buy the entire collection, but it helps inspire you to see the possibilities within it. The same is true for your own collection of work. Creating smaller collections makes a larger body of work more accessible, appealing and inspiring.

If you’d like to learn more about what to consider when building portfolio collections, then head to my home page and download your free Portfolio Guide.

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