November Awaits

The one thing I'm never short of it's an idea! In fact I probably have far too many for one lifetime. Being about to act on just a few of them does provide me with a wonderful deep satisfying feeling. Like when a cake I've baked turns out to be just as delicious as the recipe promises. Or when the house is warm and cosy after a dog walk in the gusty rain.

Being inspired plays a big part in the work I do. My background is in fine art and therefore storytelling sits firmly at the route of what I do. Soulful storytelling that is, the kind that is personal and in rhythm with the values I live my day to day life.

My Bloom Facebook group has been running for just a month and its been wonderful to see the work flooding into the group. Some are highly creative, others are technically sound, some want to learn and the rest want to be inspired. I've read through private DM's asking for that elusive level of insight, that magic spark of 'how' to wanting to get to the nitty gritty of how I work.

So I got to thinking about how to approach this, how to convey that photography is both a practise of smoke and mirrors, as well as something that can be more soulful than others may expect. I enjoy writing (although dyslexic) and I wanted to create something to keep rather than a post that would get lost in the chatter and threads of a Facebook group. I wanted to create something better than a blog post, something you could print, read, hold, really pour over that would be a reference for both inspiration and insight.

I looked into creating a Membership or a forum and an online course. but all of them felt impersonal in a way, stuck behind a screen. I really wanted to create something that you'd print out, tuck into your journal and reference over the coming weeks then put aside until the same time next year. I wanted to create something that I can add too, diversity on ideas and content over the months..... and I did it.

I created my first monthly creative publication /11 NOVEMBER.

I'm not going to reveal too much about what's inside because I want to you to discover that for yourself. But, I will say it's 23 pages of delicious new photography, guides, prompts and insights. A little piece of me from my studio, from my working practise, from my creative vision, and from my heart. I hope it will inspire you, as well as enlighten you, for this magical month that is November.

Sarah x

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