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Something Creative Awaits with my NEW Creative Publication

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

The one thing I'm never short of is an idea! In fact, I probably have far too many for one lifetime. However, being able to act on just a few of them does provide me with a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Like when a cake I've baked turns out to be just as delicious as the recipe promises.

Being inspired plays a big part in my work as a floral photographer. My educational background is in fine art and I've always sort inspiration at a consistently high level. It powers deep motivation within me that drives almost every project I undertake.

But where does it all come from? I find my inspiration in colour, in form and shape. In the natural world and in the artwork of other artists and designers across history.

I carefully considered if I could possibly offer inspiration to others on a monthly basis?

I've been a licensed floral photographer since 2012. In that time I've done many things, I've curated gallery exhibitions, coached 1-2-1 students, run workshops and had my work published in magazines. I've worked with an art agent to license my work internationally across the USA and UK, written a book, and launched a portfolio of online digital products. I've done a lot and along the way racked up valuable experience. However, they're not what I consider to be my biggest achievement! The biggest secret to 10 years of success has to be my ability to seek out inspiration and use it to fuel motivation. To keep going, project after project, with no one to keep me accountable but myself.

I believe keeping motivation and inspiration flowing sits firmly with knowing how to plan. To have small, incremental projects that are implementable in bite-sized stages. Small steps that move the needle, can soon add up to big wins.

I know I can offer my community something really special.

I have years of experience to draw from that I want to share so others can start working smarter, not harder! I wanted to create a monthly offering that inspired, guided motivation, and showed others how easy it is to start producing consistent work that’ll build a strong portfolio of work. Work that shines a light into the world and brings joy to others.

I wanted to create something more than a blog post. Something that could be printed, read, referenced and valued.

So, I created my first monthly Creative Publication in November 2022. Each month I publish a new issue, It’s like a mini magazine in some respects. I share my thoughts on the month ahead, seasonal changes and how and where I’ll be gathering my own inspiration. Then I move on to discuss styling the season, studio insights and a photoshop tutorial. Each month touches on different topics and includes four creative prompts for you to use to guide your own work, all wrapped up in pages of beautiful photographic examples.

Update 2023

Since I wrote this article my Facebook group has grown to over 1k members and I've written three more Creative Publications covering December, January and February. They continue to grow in popularity each month to learn more head over to the Creative Publication pages on my website

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