TUTORIAL: Nordic & Crystal Actions

Processing an image consistently is my core consideration when developing my Photoshop Actions. The Beyond the Lens Collections have all been developed from the steps I take to process my own work. I have always admired the light filled images but getting there isn't as simple as increasing your exposure or making a Levels adjustment. Sometimes it takes several small tweaks across multiple tools and adjustment sliders to balance an image.

Beyond the Lens Crystal & Nordic Actions are a perfect for this job. In quick easy steps they can brighten an image as well as banish any unwanted yellow-green undertones.

In the desktop video below I demonstrate just how easy it is to to create an instantly brighter image using just three Actions.

1) First, I start with Nordic 1 from the Nordic Hybrid Collection. This Action is a hybrid and designed from other actions that run together in the background. As you can see, it significantly brightens the image, from here I choose to adjust the effects back down to 54% opacity.

2) Next, I run Stone, from Crystal Action Collection. Stone is a wonderful brightening Action that I use a lot of. This Action will again brighten the image but will soothe out any yellows from the whites. I reduce its effects down to just 19%.

3) Finally, I run Water from the Crystal Action Collection. This Actions adds a stunning cool film over the image really sets the purples of the lilac off. Again, this Action is reduced down to just 15%.

Whenever you make processing alterations I highly recommend you edit your image first and make a saved copy before moving onto processing.

Both the Beyond the Lens Crystal and Nordic Actions add light, lots of it, they enable you to create beautifully light filled images that simply cannot be achieved in camera. Never over expose your images in camera! Instead aim to capture correctly exposed images even if they appear a little dark at the time. Photographers rarely show their SOOC (straight out of camera) images and therefore their is a misconception in the industry that you might be doing something wrong.

Take a look at my other post all about the differences between Editing and Processing.