Why I'm Retiring my most popular Actions!

Updated: Jul 29

That's right I'm retiring my Original Photoshop Action Collection this summer.

Why, I hear you ask!

Even though it's been my staple product offering since I launched it in 2012 it's time to make way for something new that offers you better value and better results. That's not to say the Original collection hasn't been doing that, it's been truly amazing. It's been one of my best sellers for many years, but after ten years in actions (haha) it needs to retire so that I can get to work creating you a suite of solution based offerings.

I have always stood by the fact that my products represent the way I process and edit my photographic work and therefore as my style has changed over the years so has the way I process.

So what's changed?

I no longer sharpen my images.

I don't sharpen my images the way I used to so I no longer use the ProTEC Actions that are at the foundation of the Original Collection. Camera technology has moved on in ten years and so has web image hosting. It's now possible to upload better files and the internet is more stable and faster making bigger files easier to upload onto websites and social media platforms.

I no longer apply tonal filters to my work.

I prefer to create cleaner images applying my Beyond the Lens Crystal and Nordic Actions. I no longer make use of the creative tonal changes that come with the Original and Creative Action collections. Trends in processing styles have changed considerably over the last 10 years and back in 2012 it was popular to apply tonal filters that created yellowing retro, dusty sunset or muted vintage aesthetics. This trend still has its place in some types of portrait and lifestyle photography but not so much in floral, still-life lifestyle or branding photography.

It's about being authentic with you.

One of the principle reasons I created the Original Actions was to share my creative processing with you. To be able to give you access to the same Photoshop steps I took in my day to day processing so that you too could create the same results. But if I'm no longer taking those steps or using those Actions then I'm not offering you that insight into how to get the results I achieve in my work today.

Why I'm making way for the new.

If you follow me you'll know my story. You'll know that from September I'll be jumping back in the driving seat of my business after five years away juggling my time between Home Schooling and running my business. So now feels like the right time to clear out the old and welcome in the new as I reboot my business.

What will the NEW look like?

As I start to plan my business reboot, I'm thinking about how I can deliver more value and offer solutions that will help you elevate your photography and creative endeavours. To offer you the greatest value I want to be able to take you through the process of working with my Actions in the setting of an online course. By doing this I can show you how to load them into Photoshop correctly, what to look for in an original image before hand and to understand what level of processing is needed.

When will these courses be available?

There is a lot to plan and get through with content to write and new Actions to program. So I'm going to be realistic here, these new courses won't be available until 2023. But that's okay because I'll be sharing a wealth of information with you here over the coming months.

When will the Original Actions retire?

The Original collection is still available, but only until the end of summer! By the 1st of August it will be retiring for good. There is still plenty of time to purchase them before they go, but once they're gone — they're gone for good.

To give you a bumper value-pack I've bought back the previously retired Creative Collection to offer you over 80+ Actions. Don't miss your chance to grab these Actions before they're gone.

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