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Welcome to July 

It's flaming hot outside and that can only mean one thing, July is here! For this month I turn my photographic endeavours towards editorial styled shots and water! Yes, water, cool, life giving, thirst quenching clean water. So dive in with me and let's explore 4x new creative prompts to embrace high summer. 

The reflective, the abstract, the beautiful. 

As well as 4x NEW creative prompts I'm also going to share with you how you use Photoshop's Gradient Fills to create dreamy Lightfills, Hazes and fades


Summer Sale $8 USD
($16.50 USD)


Format: PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

PDF Publication size: 111MB
Full terms and c
onditions of sale apply 

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The Art of Pressed Flowers
Pressing your summer flowers starts now in July. 

Read my tops tips for successfully pressing wild flower and garden flowers.
Taking the time to press flowers now will give you plenty of flat pressed flowers for projects later in the year.


You can purchase back issues individually or save when you purchase together in collections. To find out more click on the link below.

 Save when you buy in collections 

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