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Welcome to my little corner of the world,
I'm Sarah Gardner a floral photography, author, painter
and all round creative thinker. 


1994 - 2024


I studied art and photography at college, and went on to graduate in 1994 from the Nottingham Trent university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art.


My early career started in sales and marketing, where I was fortunate enough to work with some of the UK's leading creative agencies, such as Ogilvy One and Abbort Meads Vickers AMV.


In 2003 my daughter was born, and everything changed when I decided to swap my corporate career for motherhood. But it wasn't until 2007 that I started to reconnect with photography, I swapped a darkroom for my desktop and film for pixels.  By the summer of 2008 I shot my first solo wedding and went on to set up my own wedding and portrait business by the end of that year.


Working digitally allowed me to experiment with new processing ideas, such layering images and digital textures together. Drawing on my skills as a fine artist I soon started crafting my own unique digital textures. In 2010 I created and sold my first digital product, a collection of digital textures. My work continued to grow in popularity on social media and caught the eye of American publishers Focal Press. They commissioned me to write a photography 'how-to' book about my background influences, photographic practices and processing insights. Selling since 2012 my book continues to offer, those interested in working with digital textures, a comprehensive understanding of the craft. 

Today, much of my floral photography work is under license with Sundance Graphics who represent my work commercial.  See below a list of clients, companies and magazines I've worked with. If you're interested in licensing opportunities use the contact details below to get in touch.

2024 - Introducing The Spellflower Studio

In January 2024 I took the decision to start painting again after a considerable break of over 30 years! Painting was a passion that considerably shaped my formative years and one that I've longed to reconnect with. Taking inspiration from how I connect and see myself within the forests, gardens and parklands I visit.

View The Spellflower Studio Gallery



Sundance Graphics - Sarah Ruggieri


For all other enquiries please contact Sarah Gardner directly using the email details below
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