Hello, I'm Sarah Gardner
There are many roles behind the face, a mother, a teacher, a carer, a wife and a photographer.

Life is a juggle, I home-school two teenagers, both of whom are on the Autism spectrum.  I work from my home and a small studio space in my garden. I grow flowers as my grandmothers did and my mother still does. Many of the flowers I grow and enjoy photographing come from deeply rooted links to my own childhood. Whereby a  subtle waft of fragrance can instantly take me back to the summers of my youth.  
I've certainly done a lot since starting out in 2018. I've run floral workshops, written a book, undertaken commercial commissions, run a Home Ed youth photography group for 11-16yr olds, overseen work experience and mentored Yr11's through their final GCSE term.  But the best part is that I've been able to adapt my business to suit the needs of my children and I've spent the past 4 yrs at home with them supporting their educational needs.

For more information on Autism visit the National Autistic Society 






Many years ago I studied Art and Photography at college and went on to graduate in 1994 from the Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art.


My early career started in sales and marketing where I was fortunate enough to work with some of the UK's leading creative agencies, such as Ogilvy One and Abbort Meads Vickers AMV.


In 2003 my daughter was born, and everything changed and I decided to swap my corporate career for motherhood. In 2006 my son was born, but it wasn't until 2007 that I started to get back into photography and started seriously re-skilling.  I swapped a darkroom for my desktop, and film for pixels.  By the summer of 2008 I shot my first solo Wedding and soon set up my own Wedding and Portrait photography business. Working digitally also allowed me to experiment with new processing ideas, as well as layering images and digital textures together. Drawing on my skills, and training, as a Fine Artist I soon became interested in crafting my own unique digital Textures. In 2010 I launched ART BEYOND THE LENS  with my first set of Digital textures soon after which my work caught the eye of American publishers Focal Press. Who commissioned me to write a photography 'how-to' book about my background influences, photographic practices and processing insights. Since the release of my book, my work has continued to grow in popularity.  By the end of 2012 I launched my first Photoshop Action collection to enable other photographers to process their photography using the same methods and techniques I did.

Today, much of my floral work is under license with Sundance Graphics who represent my work at commercial.  See below a list of Brands, Companies and Magazines I've worked with. If you wish to work with me on a commercial project or are interested in licencing opportunities please see contact details below. 




Sundance Graphics - Sarah Ruggieri



For all enquiries please contact Sarah Gardner directly using the form below or via social media options.