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Applying Actions is like an artist working with paint, each layer builds on the next to create beautiful results.


Create your own kind of beautiful 
with these new Photoshop Actions for all the seasons.

Introducing 'Botanicals' a new 
 Collection of Photoshop Actions

Create beautifully enhanced, creative images with this new collection created from over 10 years of programming and editing experience. Designed specifically for all your floral editing needs.

Photoshop Actions take your images beyond what the camera alone can create, Botanicals will enhance colour, light, clarity, and play with softer tonality. They're perfect for creating both brighter and softer image appearance. Explore before & afters examples here.


Botanicals Artwork.jpg

Create art, not just photos!
Create what the camera alone cannot achieve. Elevate your work to the next level and create stunning art pieces.

Processing with Photoshop Actions can take your work from the ordinary to the the extra ordinary, from a photograph to a piece of art that's worthy of hanging on the wall or publishing.

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One collection, more choice. 
The Botanicals Collection has been designed specifically with florals in mind.

There is a mix of Action types so you can go light and airy, hazy and nostalgic or darker and moody.
o, whatever the floral project, or season there is a Botanical Action to suit. 

One collection with more choice for all your floral processing needs.  

Botanicals Banner 2.jpg

Key Features:

Create both, light and airy, or warm and cosy aesthetics
NEW Victorian inspired Light-fills
Idea for all seasonal photography
Suitable for use with light and dark imagery
30 NEW Creative & Light-fill Actions to explore
17 Production Actions
Instructional PDF Guide

 Simple to use and layer together
No need to remember complex processing steps

Create consistent professional results across projects 
Use to create art styled botanical prints
One collection with more creative choice

Add multi tonal changes to your processing
Know what your doing with a guide pdf

Compatible with Photoshop CS6 and CC
Compatible on
 Mac and PC
365KB download file size
Compatible with other Beyond the Lens Action Collections

Now available 
Formate: ZIP | Size: 33MB | Mac & PC | Photoshop CS6 to CC

Summer Sale $35 USD
($65 USD)

Full terms and conditions of sale apply

Guide Cover.jpg

Plus, included is a 13 pg pdf guide on installing and how to get started with your new Photoshop Actions. 

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