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2023 Retirement Notice on all Beyond the Lens Action Collections

These Actions have now been retired and have been removed from public sale.


If you've purchased any of the Beyond the Lens Action Collections within the last 28 days and are experiencing download difficulties or have lost files please get in contact. 









What are Phtoshop Actions?

Actions are macro programs that reside within Photoshop, much like a Plugin would. They can be installed into the Actions window and enable you to run a series of pre-recorded processing steps. These steps can be very complicated and together build the Action and give you a certain result. They can be replayed time and time again offering you consistance and a short cut to lengthly processing steps. Actions significantly cut down your processing time and enable you to create certain creative results that you may not be able to achive on your own. 


What program do I need to be able to use your Actions?

Beyond the Lens Actions have been designed specifically towork with the full version of Photoshops Creative Suite (CS) and Creative Cloud (CC), there is also a version for Photoshop Elements (PSE) but you must have versions 11 or 12 for the Actions to work. 


How do I install Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Elements, (PSE) Creative Cloud (CC)and the full Creative Suite (CS) now all share the same process for installing Actions. Instructions come with your purchase in the 'TERMS' pdf. Installation takes less than a couple of minutes and is very straight forward. 


What if I upgrade from PSE to Photshops CC or CS?

If you have purchased the Photoshop Actions for Photoshop Elements (PSE) and then decide to upgrade to CC or CS then please get in touch. Send us your original payment invoice from Payloadz and we will send you a free upgrade of this product.


How will I know what to do with my Actions when I get them? 

With every purchase you'll receive a copy of the PDF PRODUCT GUILD. This booklet takes you through what the different Actions have been designed to do and when to use them. 


Do these Actions work on both a PC and MAC's?

Yes, there is no differnce in the files between PC and MAC versions. So if you have both machines, say a MACBook then you can save and transfere the Actions across both your windows and OS systems. 







What is a digital Texture?

A digital texture is a manipulated photograph of a surface image. I have have spent the past three years working with digital textures and has come to identify which ones work well. I have designed these texture sets to give strong, medium and subtle results.Why are your Textures different colours?The hue of a texture can make a significant difference to your end result. I have kept some neutral, some warm and some are pink and blue. (The dark blue ones work well when blended with an Exclusion blend mode). Remember you can change the hues of these textures yourself and create your own look.


What version of Photoshop do I need to work with digital textures?

All full versions of Photoshop, including Creative Suite, Creative Cloud and Elements have the capacity to work with textured layers.


How do I apply a digital texture to my photographs?

You can DRAG or COPY/PASTE the selected digital texture file over your photographic image and then select a ‘Blend Mode’ of choice, I recommend you start with blend mode SOFT LIGHT. Textures are not automated, like Actions are, this process is manual. For more information please take a look at my book 'Art Beyond the Lens, Working with digital Textures, for a complete uide on how to use Textures as I do within my work. 


What do I use Fine Art Papers for?

Fine Art Papers are a great way to add design and colour to your presentation. You can use them on business cards, marketing material, album or book design, greeting card design website & blog layouts, really anywhere you want to add a pattern or design to compliment your photographic work.


Can I change the colours of Textures and Fine Art Papers?

Yes, its very simple and I recommend you tweak the papers tones and hues to match and complement your imagery. Select the paper you wish to manipulate then change the colour dynamics by selecting Edit / Adjustments / Selective Colour or Hue & Saturation. Depending on your editing software you will have more options.


What size are the digital Texture files?

Texture files are 5184px x 3458px @ 300dpi. Each file is approximately 2.5MB each, making them perfect for layering up without your finished files getting too large. Fine Art Papers are 15in x 15in @ 300dpi. Each file is approximately 4.5MB each, making them idea to use on their own for album or page backgrounds.How long will it take to download? Both the Texture Sets and the Fine Art Paper Sets are big files and although they have been zipped they are still very large. (max 250MB) Depending on your internet connection download speed will vary from customer to customer. Its recommended that you download outside of peak times to give yourself a better and more speedy experience.







Why do you sell in USD?

Although Sarah Gardner Photography is a based in the UK all product sales, apart from Workshops and 121 Coaching are charged in USD. This is because its the most universally used currancy and accepted currency for digital products. 


How do I pay for your digital products?

The files are hosted and down-loadable from PayLoadz. All payments are made through PayPal either via your Paypal account or as a secure internet payment. You will get a direct download link after payment has been processed. Your download notification will be sent to your e-mail account. Please note: In some cases Sarah Gardner Photography may need to authorize your payment before you receive your download e-mail.


How will I receive my digital download files once I have purchase them?

You will receive either a link or an e-mail with a down-loadable Zip file containing all your new digital files. Once downloaded please be sure to back up as soon as possible.Please be sure to back up your files regularly to keep them safe. {Sarah Gardner Photography cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged files}


Can I get a refund after I have paid?

Unfortunately due to the nature of these files, ie they are so easliy copied, Sarah Gardner Photography does not offer refunds or exchanges for digital products and alltransactions are final. Please be sure before purchasing them you have selected he correct product and you have the right editing software to be able to use them.  Please note however that if you've experianced a genuine problem it is always in your best interest to contact us so that we can help assist you in resolving it to your satisfaction. 


Can I share purchased products with others?

No, digital products that you've purchased from Sarah Gardner Photography are for your personal use only. It is illegal, under intellectual property rights, to share, transfer, copy or redistribute digital files in any way. 


I’m a professional photographer, can I use digital Actions, Textures and Papers, in my professional work?

Yes, of course you can these are designed to enhance your work and give you access to more creative freedom. They have been designed so that you can create beautiful pieces of art for yourself and your clients.  However you are strictly prohibited from creating templates or overlays, or any other photographic resource directly from the use of any Sarah Gardner digital product.







At Sarah Gardner photographer we are always happy to answer your questions regarding any product your interested in purchasing or alreday own. If you cannot find the answers your looking for above then please contact us either via the contact form.  






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