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Bridging the disconnection

A series of explorative paintings that address a transitional process, one bridged from disconnection to reconnection. 

A Personal Story
With shoes and socks off I plant both feet on the ground in a practise called Grounding. A daily ritual that continues to transform my physical and mental wellbeing. Quite literally a step in the right direction in reducing chronic inflammation.  It's also been a transformative process, a catalyst in providing a narrative for my revived painting practise. 


Unwittingly my practise has in some ways continued from where I left off 30 years ago after graduating from the Nottingham Trent University.  For my Fine Art degree thesis I examined the notion that narrative could be implied through missing information. I explored work by Mark Rothco, Robert Ryman and Agnus Martin. My painting at that time examined how abstraction and simplification created an altered visual language that physical effected both the space within and around a painting.  


Today my work focuses on exploring the residing energy of what it means to stand within, or Ground myself in the landscape of a forest, garden or parkland.  To become an intrinsic element of that landscape where there are no fractures or separation. I'm still interested in the principles of altered space, however,  visually there is perhaps an unconscious lean towards folk art as I incorporate monolithic human forms and naive decorative elements. 

Painting Process

I work in both watercolour and water-soluble oil paint to which I add additional ground pigment. The alchemy of using ground pigment, water and oil creates a fusion of earthly elements that underpin the narrative and visceral qualities I want to explore within my canvas pieces. 


As I paint, I discover shapes within shapes, pockets of newly created space within space and a quiet narrative that gathers between the lines as energy flows.  

Sarah Gardner 2024   


Title:  The Rising | Watercolour & Gauche on Paper | 56cm x76cm


Title:  Sisters of the Hinterland  | Watercolour on Paper | 56cm x 76cm


Title:  Sisters of the Spring Mother  | Watercolour on Paper | 56cm x 76cm

Title:  Mother Within | Watercolour & Gauche on Paper | 56cm x 76cm

IMG_5092 (1).jpeg

Title:  Exiting the Forest | Watercolour on Paper | 30cm x 40cm


Various sketchbook studies in Watercolour. Ideas of energy rising from the Self or Mother. 


Title: Untitled Studies  | Oil & Raw Pigment on Canvas Board | 30cm x 41cm 

IMG_4855 (1).jpeg

Various sketchbook studies in Watercolour & Pigment


Title: Home Tree  | Oil & Raw Pigment Canvas | 60cm x 90cm

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