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Welcome to September 

In this month we take a closer look at the beautiful world of Dahlias and the art of styling them. 

This month we get artistic with a five part Photoshop tutorial on creating composite art and illustrative renderings. 


4x NEW creative prompts to fill your camera roll, and
a look at back lighting and hand-tied bouquet making. 

Summer Sale $8 USD
($16.50 USD)


Format: PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

PDF Publication size: 102MB
Full terms and c
onditions of sale apply 


Composite Art & Design 
This month we explore composite art and design within Photoshop .

From seasonal flowers in the garden to creating a library of 'cut' flowers to use all years round for any creative project. The world of composite art will unlock your creativity and open up a whole new world of design possibilities. 


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