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Welcome to August 

In this month we take a closer look at the mystical side of floral inspiration as we explore the Cloistered Gardens. We look to the medicinal herbs from the old ways and consider the elegant beauty of the converted.  

This month we get closer with our first macro photography prompt. 


5x NEW creative prompts to fill your camera roll, and
a double Photoshop tutorial covering Black & White conversions and the art of recolouring. 

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($16.50 USD)


Format: PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

PDF Publication size: 108MB
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onditions of sale apply 

Graphic 6.jpg

Hello Pollinators
This month we explore the big, small and detailed.

From the butterflies to the bees, macro photography lets us explore the smaller details of the garden. We step inside the herb garden and the medicinal plants of the closed medieval Cloisters. 


Graphic 1.jpg

Convert to Monochrome
This month we also look at the elegant art of
Black & White conversions.

We take the colour out of summer and discover the timeless beauty of Black & White. There are 2x tutorials that teach two ways to create successfully conversions in Photoshop as well as an additional advanced tutorial on recolouring. 


Graphic 5.jpg

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