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Welcome to August 

In this month we take a closer look at the mystical side of floral inspiration as we explore the Cloistered Gardens. We look to the medicinal herbs from the old ways and consider the elegant beauty of the converted.  

This month we get closer with our first macro photography prompt. 


5x NEW creative prompts to fill your camera roll, and
a double Photoshop tutorial covering Black & White conversions and the art of recolouring. 

$16.50 USD


Format: PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

PDF Publication size: 108MB
Full terms and c
onditions of sale apply 

Graphic 6.jpg

Hello Pollinators
This month we explore the big, small and detailed.

From the butterflies to the bees, macro photography lets us explore the smaller details of the garden. We step inside the herb garden and the medicinal plants of the closed medieval Cloisters. 


Graphic 1.jpg

Convert to Monochrome
This month we also look at the elegant art of
Black & White conversions.

We take the colour out of summer and discover the timeless beauty of Black & White. There are 2x tutorials that teach two ways to create successfully conversions in Photoshop as well as an additional advanced tutorial on recolouring. 



Learn to recolour a converted Black & White image to create beautiful tonal changes that suit any photographic or portfolio project. 

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You can purchase back issues individually or save when you purchase together in collections. To find out more click on the link below.

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Buy Together & Save 

First launched in November 2022 my Creative Publications continues to grow in popularity every month. If you want to catch up and have missed any previous issues, no problem you can purchases individual months or save with these bundles.

(November 2022 - August 2023 )

 $125 USD

(Save when you purchase together. Sold individually at $165.50 USD) 

PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

Publication PDF Sizes
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Mar 8
2MB / Apr 93MB + Tutorial: 50MB / May 98MB / June 103 MB / July 111MB / August 108 MB 
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Customer Reviews
(written in response to previous publications) 

Angelia wrote:
"It's beautifully designed and I love your photos. Seeing example is very helpful but the bonus in learning some Photoshop and how we may use these images for our portfolio".

Wendy wrote:
"Loved this publication. Sarah is an inspirational teacher and her style is simply beautiful". 

Carol wrote:
"Your choice of words made the reading sweet, delightful and picturesque."

Floyd wrote:
"I really enjoyed the publication especially interesting to read the information on journalling, craft and product photography. There was a flow to the whole publication. I thought the photographs were particularly beautiful."

Arlene wrote:
"It is a wonderful read and filled with inspiration. But most importantly, it is so well written, your choice of words was so carefully thought out which makes for delightful reading."

Louise wrote:
"Thank you Sarah for all your hard work, this is beautiful! I found your photography and prompts so inspiring."

Jenny wrote:
"The PDF is so inspirational and well put together, Sarah your artistic abilities shine through in every aspect and it's just want I signed up for to grow and learn. Thank you!'


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