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Welcome to January 

This months creative publication pdf focuses on new beginnings, from the art of creative journalling through to how to define success for 2023.

I share my top 20 tips for product photography and explain step-by-step
how to create a contact sheet in Photoshop.   

$16.50 USD
Format: PDF download only for home printing or digital reading.

Publication size: 75MB 
Full terms and conditions of sale apply 

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Creating more beauty in the world, one creative project at a time.

"Connecting to your inner creative voice is a truly remarkable experience. Allowing yourselves the time and patience to grow, flourish and bloom is one of the best gives you'll ever afford yourself."

Sarah Gardner 2023

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You can purchase back issues individually or save when you purchase together in collections. To find out more click on the link below.

 Save when you buy in collections 

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