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Hello, I'm Sarah Gardner 

I'm a photographer, author, design artist and all round creative thinker with over 15 years of professional experience.

I've been licensing my floral work in both the UK and USA for over 10 years, and now I'm doing the most rewarding work of my career as I share everything about this beautiful industry.  

Join me on this journey of creative exploration.

Est 2008 - 2023


Create your kind of beautiful 

Do you want to turn your passion for florals into a dream job, or create beautiful work for your own home?

Do you imagine creating your own wall-art or stationary collections? Or, perhaps you want to design from flowers or elevate your business with better photography?  Or maybe, you want to see your work published, write a book, create digital products, have a gallery show or license your work to dream clients? 

It's all 100% achievable, and it's never too late to start.

This is a truly beautiful industry to work in and seeing your work out there in the world is so rewarding.

I know this first hand, because I've done it all!

I built a 
sustainable career
 that gave me the opportunity to step away from returning to my corporate marketing job after starting a family. Over the years I've also run workshops, worked with commercial clients and mentored young photographers (+15yrs). Sharing my knowledge and passion with other creative individuals is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my career today.

Inspire & Learn 

Currently, I offer 4 ways to learn with me.
With my NEW monthly Creative Publication
s, through my book and when you download my FREE guides.
Plus, you can join my FREE private Facebook group.

Explore all options below.



the BOOK

Published in 2012, Art Beyond the Lens continues to sell and is available throughout the USA and UK.



Get seasonal inspiration, tips, tutorials, creative prompts and more, written by Sarah Gardner and available every month. 



free guide

 Learn how to create your best portfolio yet with my NEW free guide available to download with instant access.


Facebook group

Bloom, Let's Grow Together

 Facebook Group 

 EST: 2022

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