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Welcome to a whole new world of creativity for floral photographers. 

Be inspired, grow creatively, improve technically, gain skills and build a stunning portfolio of work; every month.
Stop just taking the shots, and start calling them! 
Jump back into the driving seat of your own creative practise and super-charge your work with new ideas and direction. 

Join me, Sarah Gardner, and let's walk through each month together.
With my monthly Creative Publication pdf's you're free to work at your own pace, or join my Facebook group and share with other like-minded photographers.

Feel that magical spark of uprising creativity once again. 



Welcome to October

Taking inspiration from the Victorian era this month we'll be tuning our attention to a more muted autumnal palette. 

This month we'll also look at floral silhouette art and how to make our own in Photoshop.


5x NEW creative prompts for the month and of course, including the season's iconic pumpkin. 

$16.50 USD


Format: PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

PDF Publication size: 124MB
Full terms and c
onditions of sale apply 


Introducing Floral Silhouette Art  
This month I show you how to create simple silhouette art and repeat patterns in Photoshop.

Again taking inspiration from the Victorian era I'm going to show you how to create silhouette art from your own pressed floral images. This is another 'no-draw' way to create design work. 


Graphic 3.jpg
Graphic 1.jpg

You can purchase all back issues individually or save when you purchase together in savings bundles.

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Customer Reviews
(written in response to previous publications) 

Angelia wrote:
"It's beautifully designed and I love your photos. Seeing example is very helpful but the bonus in learning some Photoshop and how we may use these images for our portfolio".

Wendy wrote:
"Loved this publication. Sarah is an inspirational teacher and her style is simply beautiful". 

Carol wrote:
"Your choice of words made the reading sweet, delightful and picturesque."

Floyd wrote:
"I really enjoyed the publication especially interesting to read the information on journalling, craft and product photography. There was a flow to the whole publication. I thought the photographs were particularly beautiful."

Arlene wrote:
"It is a wonderful read and filled with inspiration. But most importantly, it is so well written, your choice of words was so carefully thought out which makes for delightful reading."

Louise wrote:
"Thank you Sarah for all your hard work, this is beautiful! I found your photography and prompts so inspiring."

Jenny wrote:
"The PDF is so inspirational and well put together, Sarah your artistic abilities shine through in every aspect and it's just want I signed up for to grow and learn. Thank you!'


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