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Welcome to April 

Discover so much more with this month's Creative Publication 


This month I also invite fellow professional floral photographer Georgianna Lane to talk about the processes behind her new book, Ranunculus.

NEW separate 26pg Tutorial Guide with 2x Photoshop Tutorials on how to create cut letters from photographic images and how to create text templates.

As well as the month's 4x Creative Prompts, studio notes, journal and styling the season. 

$16.50 USD

Format: PDF Download only for home printing or digital reading.

Publication size: 98MB  Tutorial Guide:50MB
Full terms and conditions of sale apply 


Image 02 (1).jpg

BONUS: 2 Tutorials on
How to create bespoke text from photographic images. 

Text Guide Cover.jpg

Create your own kind of beautiful with this months 
new creative prompts   

Working with creative prompts is a wonderful way to explore different ideas and concepts that perhaps you wouldn't try by yourself.
Explore seasonal symbolism, wording and the use of
styling with old materials.  

Creative Publication - April 2023

03 Images.jpg

Inside the publication process with Georgianna Lane

Celebrating the launch of her new book Ranunculus

Image 4.jpg

You can purchase back issues individually or save when you purchase together in collections. To find out more click on the link below.

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